Want to see an idea from someone who has never run a business? This is a promotional piece from “Tobacco Free Florida” it’s a survey about Tobacco use. It had a real five dollar bill in the large, expensive envelope. If I take this poorly written survey I get $10 more dollars. If I take it online I get $20 more dollars. I could have easily thrown the five away thinking it was junk.

This is a disgusting waste of money. I encourage you to look out for this mailer. I will be getting $25 cash back. Insane. I wonder how much we are all spending on this survey? The kicker, the survey is being conducted by a group in Stillwater Arizona. I wonder where it was printed? It was originally sent from Minnesota.

I propose the Florida government use Florida vendors when possible. We might as well keep the money in the state.

So many people approved this decision. If you were one of them, I encourage you to do better. Much better.

My guess is that with this survey’s results they conclude that tobacco is addictive.

Perhaps, create a program that takes kids to visit the elderly with breathing conditions caused from tobacco use. Let them see the patients speaking from their tracheotomy holes, wearing false replacement jaws, gasping for breaths they can barely catch.

My dad had a job in the hospital in high school, helping move patients around the facility. He told me about the noise old smokers would start making shortly before death, a raspy gurgling, gasping breath. He will never forget that. His testimony is with me for life. Now it’s with you.

Maybe I just earned my $5. At least someone did.