Today’s product recommendation is the SpaceAid Drawer Divider Set available on Amazon. $27-$32, in two sizes.

The kit is fairly simple to use and yields attractive results. I added small pieces of foam to tighten up my layouts in some cases. But that is not necessary.

I give the product a 92.5% rating. I like it. After organizing our junk drawer I bought five other kits and the kitchen drawers are more logical, attractive, and functional.

92.5% Rating, Very Good

Organizing a drawer in your home is a simple task whose incremental benefits can compound over a lifetime.  Like anything else, when making a choice choosing long term health/improvement/growth over short-term gain – becoming organized will greatly improve your quality of life over time.  Start with a drawer. Then another. Then another. Then your closet. Garage. Accounting records. Christmas cards. Your Life. 

Lionel Lowry IV,